Mary Bero

I list myself as a self taught artist because the only two art classes I ever took were at Indiana University - being the only ones available to me at night - printing & design, and a beginners weaving class. I had a day job while my husband was attending IU on a printmaking scholarship.  

From the exposure in those classes to quilts as art, and molas, the seed was planted, but the choice of media, tools, and direction was up to me to discover and teach myself. I applied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a graduate student in textiles, but they told me that I needed a degree in art - my undergraduate degree being in fashion merchandising. I left the meeting crying and started working on my own, teaching myself by making things with the time I would have spent trying to jump through hoops to receive a graduate degree.  The work you see today is a result of those experiments.

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Stuffed Head, 8.5"x 5.25"x 2", Dyed cotton, silk & cotton thread, 2007

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