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Cynthia Schira

I have become fascinated by the visual notational methods or systems specific to different professions . The staff of written music; the graph markings of the weaver; the layout of an architect; the equations of a mathematician - all are meaningful to the practitioners within the particular field but often are an indecipherable code to others. I am also intrigued by how these marks change and evolve over time, so although their usage remains the same, their appearance historically differs. In combining and juxtaposing parts of these various systems, new patterns and forms develop provoking in my mind new allusions to follow. The complexity of the graphic relationships, the allusions along with the morphing of the marks by their translation into woven structures continue to involve me.

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Jazz, 72"x 104", Jacquard woven cotton & linen, appliqued & stitched, 2007

  • Jazz_9ft._x_6_ft._copy
  • Jazz_-center_-detail_3
  • Jazz_-_detail_-_base
  • Windows_by_schira
  • E.anagrams-72_x53_
  • E.mauscript-62_-x-53.5_
  • E.reiteration-black-64_x52_
  • E.reiteration-white--48_x60
  • E.urban-night-76_x97_-
  • Without%20words%20-%2057%20x%2051