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Cathy Rose

I'm taking a deep breath here. Ellen died on January fourth. Her death was peaceful and somehow very beautiful, a freedom and release from a body which no longer was needed. Her sweet and loving soul was lifted, carried away, her long journey ended and yet beginning in a new and sacred way. Her passing has left me aching inside. I find some comfort knowing she was able to be home, in the city she loved, surrounded by friends and family. I find comfort in knowing there were no words left unsaid between us, no regrets, just a profound trust and love grown from this shared experience. I find comfort in her presence, still here within me, for I know love doesn't die.

My work, my art, was set aside during Ellen's long illness. It was clear to me our journey together was most important. I am realizing now, walking through this grief, my work will be my salvation. It always has been my way of cleansing the heart and I'm sure this will be no different. With time, with time and patience, I'll find myself through my hands. I've decided to stay here in New Orleans. It's a city with a heart and soul like no other and maybe, just maybe, I can learn how to breathe again, how to find my new path here.

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Cathy Rose, Early Spring, 12"x 10"x 12", Porcelain, found objects, 2013

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