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Adela Akers

My background in science has strongly influenced my artwork. The choice of materials and process emerges from that experience. There is a mathematical discipline in the way the work is constructed, This mathematical sequence is in strong contrast to the organic process (handweaving) and materials (linen & horsehair) that bring the work to fruition.

Even when I don't know the outcome, it is the transformation of the materials by the repetitive hand manipulation that leads me to the final expression. It is always a discovery when reaching the end.

All the steps are important and contribute to the final work. Narrow strips are woven sequentially, horsehair is inserted at even intervals.
When the metal foil is used, it is cut in narrow bands to fit those intervals.

It is my intention to externalize both process and materials and their interaction in order to create a richer surface that is the focus of the
work. In the search for answers or solutions, the questions get better and the possibility of a miracle is ever present. The completion of each piece raises questions that form the fabric of work to come.

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Adela Akers, End Section, Linen, horsehair, paint, and metal, 38" x 32", 2014

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  • End%20section
  • Circles%20in%20the%20square
  • Circles%20in%20the%20square%20d
  • 2015-08-21%2012.49.01
  • 2014-10-28%2012.20.38-2
  • End%20section%20d
  • The%20bridge%20(11%22h%20x%2014%22%20w)
  • Double%20lines%202015%20(11%22h%20x%2014%22w)
  • Diptych,%202015%20(21%22h%20x%2042%22%20w)
  • 01akers_gold_rust
  • 02akers_gold_rust_detail
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  • Silverwindow2
  • Goldwindowii
  • Crossing
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