Billy McLimore

These small boxes are made of materials available in the Kentucky State Correctional Institution. The Artist: Billy McLimore creates them using graham crackers, popsicle and corn dog sticks, stick matches, paint and carved soap bars. The corrections facility does not allow the inmates to have any sharp tools so the construction is done secretly. Billy spends thirteen hours a day in his cell working on these objects. This is the first series of dioramas we are seeing. During the past few years He has made beautiful paddle boats completely furnished. They have ranged in size from sixteen to thirty-eight inches and containing up to twenty rooms. The paintings in these rooms are made by another inmate. They are quite small but under close scrutiny remind you of copies of great paintings. A lot of the works that are sent to us fro the State prison arrive broken because there are no material to wrap the pieces in. We have to cross our fingers and hope they get here in one piece. We are fortunate to have these works and appreciate the time that Billy puts into them. We feel, and so does Billy, that this is a big step in his rehabilitation process. Even though he has the time he also has a wonderful imagination and focus. This is recycling at its best.

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Large Paddle Boat, 29"x 10"x 5.5", Mixed media (found prison materials), 2009

  • Largepaddleboat1
  • Cell2
  • Cell3
  • Lrgpaddleboat
  • Boatdocked
  • Boatindrydock1
  • Boatindrydock2
  • Lobsterboat2
  • Lobsterboat
  • Sailboat-sm
  • Sailboat1029074b
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  • Sailboat1029075
  • Threemasttallshipb
  • Threemasttallship
  • Largepaddleboat2
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  • Cell5