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Bryan Hopkins

Following in the lineage of “fine china” I produce objects for domestic service, adding my own sense of affect and defect. The work is heavily indebted to the implicit qualities of the material used in its creation –Porcelain. Indeed, when you think of porcelain, you first consider its physical qualities (strength, fragility, translucence), then porcelain’s class association and cultural significance.

My urban environment, Modernist architecture, backyard forts, 19th century European porcelain, Minimalism, Bugs Bunny, and Song Dynasty porcelain all inform and affect the work.

The work’s primary use is that of a functional object, and all the pieces perform as they should. However, the degree of functionality is in question. For example, my cups are thin and translucent, allowing light to break down a difference of interior and exterior space, and also forcing one to consider how the cup is used, or risk destroying the cup.

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Bryan Hopkins, Serving Set, Porcelain, 2011

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