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Eileen Sutton

I was born and raised in New York, on Long Island. When I pierced my first piece of copper plate at age 17, I was instantly hooked. I was somewhat of a metal purist until my last semester at Tyler School of Art. It was then I began to work with epoxy resin. Incorporating other elements is sporadic, whereas the interest of resin remains. When I finished school I stayed in Philadelphia, because there was a great community of artists and craftspeople.

My First studio was in the space of the late Olaf Skoogfors, a pioneer in the field of art jewelry. It was a shared space with some graduate students of Tyler School of Art. This workspace was more than just memorable, it was an experience that paved the way for where I would go with my work.

There is also a strong bicycling community in and around Philadelphia, which became almost equally important to me. Some of my earliest pieces were from the lines I saw painted on the road while cycling. It was a thoughtful place to live. I realized then, that I did not have to go back to N.Y.C to get inspired.

My forms are definitely influenced by the color and materials I use, along with what I see in the world around me. Now that I have a family, I don't travel as far to see the world, but presently going to an arboretum, or working in the garden is enough to spur some vision.

My works has been shown at The Works Gallery for over Twenty years.

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Eileen Sutton, Three Leaf Fan Brooch, 14ky gold, sterling silver, resin, 2014

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  • 3leaf%20fan%20brooch
  • Suttoneileen3
  • Squarecircle2recpinpendant
  • Singleveinleafneck
  • Puzzlepanelneck
  • Mac.turquoisependant
  • Mac.recpinpendant
  • 4leafclover-2
  • Circletopcarvedtrapearrings
  • Twodotflowerneck
  • Three_square_rec_neck
  • Singleleafneckturq
  • Teardropear
  • Pinwheelneck
  • Chrissqoutear
  • Three_circle_rec_pendant
  • Rec_earrings
  • Squareearrings_clipon
  • Squarecushioncufflinks
  • Reccarvedcufflinks
  • Dotbarearring_turq
  • Dotbardot_earrings_rust
  • Squaresquareneck
  • Ninaearrings_curvedback
  • Ninaearrings_clipon
  • Leafearringblack
  • Fourcircleringblackgoldclear
  • Carvedroseringturqblack
  • Carvedroselargeringgreen_front
  • Carvedroselargeringgreen
  • Longtulipearring_rust
  • Carvedsquareearrings
  • Carvedtriearrings_rust
  • Circletopcarvedtrap
  • Carvedtriearrings
  • Flowerdotringorangered
  • Carvedroseearringsturq
  • Carvedroseearringsgreengold
  • Carved%20earrings
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