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Joe Hogan

For the past 15 years I have become increasingly interested in making non-functional or sculptural baskets, many of which involve the use of tree holes or interesting marks on the surface of the bark of a tree. I also incorporate finds of bog wood from a wonderful area of wild isolated bog land near where I live. This work is prompted by a desire to develop a deeper connection to the natural world. My concern in this work is to reawaken a sense of wonder. Every time we walk out into the world we have the opportunity to see it anew and to experience the wonder of being here. Rilke talks about us being “the bees of the invisible” gathering the honey of the visible and storing it in the hive of the invisible . When I make artistic baskets I am trying to rediscover the richness in this store of images. I also hope it will touch the spirit of others in some way.

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Joe Hogan, Birch Bowl, 9"x 28"x 28", Willow rods and birch twigs, 2009

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