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Joh Ricci

"It's knot what you think!"
To create my one-of-a-kind contemporary baskets, my primary method is knotting, while netting, crochet and hand-beadweaving may also be incorporated in combination with one another. Materials consist mostly of artist-dyed nylon cord, as well as, cotton thread and novelty yarns.
Each piece contains a form that I have carved & sculpted, although I have applied my techniques to homegrown gourds with their shapes & sizes naturally determined.
I have found this form of expression both tedious & time intensive, yet there is a hypnotic rhythm to the process of manipulating colored threads.
I recognize the endless possibilities that surround me and believe that in keeping an open mind and having an observant eye, an inspiring moment may occur when least expected.
I feel that the combination of positive energy and spiritual thought support my goals to bring creative life to an idea and to create fiber forms that transcend the boundaries of the concept of a traditional basket.'

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Lily #1, 2"x 4", Knotted, hand dyted nylon, 2008

  • Lily
  • Aster
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