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John Eric Byers

To date, New York artist John Eric Byers has exhibited his functional and non-functional artwork in twenty four solo exhibitions and over one hundred group exhibitions. His works have been honored by numerous awards and grants, including a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award and two New York Foundation of the Arts Awards. His works are in the permanent collection of several museums, including the Museum of Arts & Design, New York, NY and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. In 2004, the Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, MA, honored him with a mid-career survey. Since 2008, he has focused his primary attention on his incised and carved paintings. His paintings are surface explorations in repetition, line, shape and color. Art critic John Perreault has written " he is offering a new perspective on the dialogue between the optical and the tactile."

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Open Form Tables, 20" x 14" x 14", Wood, milk paint, 2010 (from the Jeb Jones Collection)

  • Openformtables20_22x14_22x14_22
  • Sevencolorsredfield2
  • Sevencolorswhitefield
  • Sevencolorswhitefield2
  • Sevencolorsyellowfield
  • Sevencolorsyellowfield2
  • 5_squares_white_cabinet__
  • 6squareswhitecab
  • 10squwhitecab
  • 10squareblackcab
  • Drum.stools
  • Pedestal.tables
  • Pedestal
  • Two.square.table._3
  • Three.drawers.table
  • Two.tier.fountain.table._2
  • Sevencolorsredfield
  • Sevencolorsrandomfield2
  • Drum_tables_1
  • Spools15_22x14_22dia
  • Wood_balls_6_22_diameter
  • 12_22x68_22x12_22_38_22x38_22x11_22
  • Eitherwaycase12_22x12_22x68_22
  • Sevencolorsbluefield
  • Sevencolorsblackfield2
  • Sevencolorsbluefield
  • Sevencolorsbluefield2
  • Sevencolorsgreenfield
  • Sevencolorsorangefield2
  • Sevencolorsrandomfield