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Joyce J. Scott

There is no one like a Joyce Scott. While each one of us is a highly unique being some have often wondered if Joyce is the embodiment multiple persons given the breadth, density, range and unpredictability of where her curious intellect will drive her. The journey of my friendship and later, a professional partnership as a member of the artist collective, Gurlz of Baltimore, began over thirty years ago. It has given me crucial insight into life's challenges and choices. I am a first hand witness to an artist seeking the path to find the Holy Grail of their artistic destiny and legacy. Joyce and I have talked, laughed and cried for literally thousands of hours over the past years of our lives. Yet without fail, in the most subjective of situations and conditions, Joyce will challenge or critique that crisis, experience or revelation to demand of herself and anyone within her reach to respond to the issues for which there may be no definitive answers. These are the ideals conditions; conundrums that drive the catalytic muse of Joyce Scott's artistry and intellect.

-Leslie King-Hammond

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Joyce Scott, Family Large, 18"x 12.5", Glass beads, 2009

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