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Kim Alsbrooks

The White Trash Series was developed while living in the South out of frustration with some of the prevailing ideologies, in particular, class distinction. This ideology seemed based on a combination of myth, biased history an bizarre sentimentality about old wars and social structures. With the juxtaposition of the portraits from museums, once painted on ivory, now on flattened trash of beer cans and fast food, the artist sets to even the playing field, challenging the perception of the social elite in today's society.

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Kim Alsbrooks, Henry, Oil on pre-primed trash, 6.25" x 4", 2015

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  • Henry
  • Auntkate
  • Edward
  • E.bakewell
  • 9.%20leigh%20ann
  • Priscilla
  • Image
  • Image11
  • Blueboy
  • Image7
  • General
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  • Jefferson
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  • Alice
  • Catesby%20jones
  • Rosalba
  • Dunlap
  • Johnson
  • Antonio
  • Horace
  • Brother
  • Other%20bro