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Lia Cook

My practice explores the sensuality of the woven image and the embodied emotional connection to memories of touch and cloth.

In my current work, I use a digital loom to weave images (of faces) that are embedded in the structure of cloth. The digital pixel becomes a thread that when interlaced with another becomes both cloth and image at the same time. I am particularly interested in the threshold at which the face image dissolves first into pattern and finally into a sensual tactile woven structure. What does this discovery and the resulting intense desire to touch the work add to our already innate, almost automatic emotional response to seeing a face?

My most recent work explores the nature of this emotional response to woven faces in collaboration with neuroscientists and uses the laboratory experience both with process and tools to stimulate new work in response to these investigations.

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Lia CookIntensity Su Data, 52" x 39" cotton rayon, woven, 2013

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  • Intensity-su%20data
  • Dollfacev
  • Tracts%20and%20traces-4.8
  • Face_maze-susu
  • Double_maze
  • Maze_doll2
  • Xbeachhead
  • Xbeachhead_detail