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Lis Ehrenreich

Reduced White:
An exhibition about white, in general and white glaze in particular

When the light-toned jar is fired, shades of white occur defined by the ashes of beech, oak, birch, straw, etc.

The form of the wheel-thrown jar, the nature of the clay, and the decoration of the wheel-thrown jar, begin as a flat geometric pattern, and moves towards the low relief decoration, and finally moves toward the casted jar, in which the relief is the essence of the jar: the relief defines the structure of the glaze.

These conditions are what develop a variety of white.

This series is an exploration which shows the possibilities of the glazes in the various forms of the jar, represented by the ”Albarello” (the waisted pharmacie jar) representing many shapes: tall and low, thick and slim, very much in comparison to my casted forms.

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Lis Ehrenreich, Albarello Jar 1, Stoneware, 24.5" x 8", 2013

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