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Marilyn Pappas

MARILYN PAPPAS, American, b. 1931

My artwork derives from travel, art history, ancient Greek and Roman sculptures of women and universal issues that remain current today.

The recent stitched drawings in The Life of Color series have evolved from my continuing interest in ancient Greek and Roman sculptures of women, while the collages from the Maps and Masks series are drawn from memories of my travels through the Mediterranian countries where I first became enamored of classical sculpture. For two decades I worked with monochromatic stitched interpretations of these larger than life images of goddesses. Scarred and broken by the ravages of time, there is a peculiar beauty, vulnerability and dignity in these fragmented and partially restored personifications of idealism. A central focus for me is a concern for how time has altered classical sculptures, their presentation and preservation, and the ways we view, interpret, question and learn from the mysteries of antiquity. I think we relate to and find comfort from icons that have survived over time. Although damaged, these sculptures express a poetry of imperfection that remains poignantly human and relevant today.

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