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Marjorie Simon

At its best, jewelry and body adornment celebrate diversity and eccentricity in a vernacular that is deeply rooted in the symbolic cultural and mythic systems that foster the safe unfolding of the personal to the public sector.

The jewelry of Marjorie Simon has a breathtaking modesty that radiates from the mature and humble self-awareness of the maker. It is the work of an artist devoted to fundamental humanist ideals. These intelligent and optimistic works by a tireless advocate for the field of metalsmithing succeed in being accessible without saccharine sentimentality, condescending simplicity or trite platitudes. Their roots are decidedly in European modernism and its accompanying agenda of enlightened socially conscious design, yet there is a spirit of bold exuberance that is distinctly and unapologetically American.

- Lisa Gralnick 2003

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Ring Candy, Sterling silver, 22K gold bi-metal, torch fired vitreous enamel, on embossed copper, Diameter of rings 1.25", 2009

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