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Mary Donald

Mary Donald received her Master of Fine Arts degree from San Diego State University, where she concentrated on Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design; her Bachelor of Fine Arts is from Bowling Green State University (OH), where she focused on Painting. Donald has exhibited her work in museums, galleries and fairs both nationally and internationally, including Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco), Crafts Council Gallery (London), SOFA (Chicago), Society of Arts and Crafts (Boston), World Friendship Center (Hiroshima), Smithsonian Craft Show (Washington DC), OXOXO Gallery (Baltimore). She has won top awards at the Toledo and the Fort Wayne Museums of Art who have also exhibited her work. Donald's work is in a number of private and public collections, including the Athenaeum Music and Art Library in La Jolla, CA and the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus. Metalsmith and Ornament Magazines and Lark Books have all published her work. As an art teacher, Donald has worked with students from all walks of life, from elementary to college age and beyond in traditional school systems, art centers and museums as well as those in unique communities such as prison inmates. She lived in the Peoples Republic of China for one year during the mid-eighties and taught English as a Second Language at the Xi'an Foreign Languages Institute in Shaanxi province. Presently living in Los Angeles, CA, where she maintains her studio, Donald now uses a range of materials including wood, rubber, plastics, fiber, metal and various types of ephemeral and found matter to make studio jewelry, objects, and installations.

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Mary Donald, Earrings No. 1, Earrings, Oxidized silver, plastics, dyed nylon, 2015

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  • %203_bird%20on%20a%20wire%20:%20lines
  • 1_stranded%20(bracelet)
  • 4_bird%20on%20a%20wire%20:%20ovals2
  • 7__siblings%20-%20big%20sister
  • 8__sea%20sprout%20cuff
  • 9__pierced,%20pieced%20rocker%20cuff%20%20
  • 10__&%2011__sumi%20trace%20bracelets
  • 16__bird%20on%20a%20wire%20:%20little%20ovals%20
  • 2__boogie-woogie%20bracelet_
  • Boogie.woogie.necklace
  • 12__scaffolding%20i%20:%20green1
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