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Pamela Becker

This ongoing series of container-like forms reflects my continued exploration of pattern and color. The forms are classic and simple. The patterning acts as a contrast to the simplicity of the form. My interest in pattern and how it affects and determines much of our lives is reflected in these forms.

Stitch by stitch, row after row the form slowly emerges. Each piece a record of the extraordinary amount of time involved in its creation. Here thoughts and experiences are reduced to elemental shapes and combined to produce an image. There is an interplay which occurs when pattern and color react and interact with each other that make form and pattern inseparable. Pattern is not only on the surface. It is the surface, an integral part of the form.

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Pamela Becker, Utah, Reed, coiled linen, rayon thread, 13" x 10.5" x 10.5", 2014

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  • Utah%20-%2013%20x%2010.5%20x%2010.5%22$1650w%20-%20view%202
  • Clouds%20&%20sun%20-%20intr.%20view%205.25%22%20x13.25%22%20$1100w
  • Black%20with%20tan%20diamonds%20-%2018.25%20x%2016%20x%2016%22.jpg%20
  • %2522-%20view%202
  • %22
  • Winter%20night%20-%20full%20interior%20view
  • %22
  • Wp%20-%20interior%20view
  • By%20the%20sea%20-%20interior%20view
  • %22%20-%20view%203
  • By%20the%20sea%20-%20detail%204
  • Wp%20-%20interior%20detail%202
  • Moss%20-%2020.25%20x%2018.5%20x%2018.5%22(1)
  • Moss%20-%20interior%20view(1)
  • Tan%20with%20black%20border%20-%208.75%20x%2015.75%20x%2015.75%22
  • Tan%20with%20black%20border%20-%20interior%20view
  • _22_-_resized
  • Evening_sky_-_interior_view_-_resized
  • _22_-_resized
  • Caylx_-_interior_view_2_-_resized
  • _22_-_resized
  • Red_with_tall_neck_-_detail_-_resized
  • _22_-_view_1.j_22filename_1__22
  • Black_with_gold_diamonds_-_interior_view_-_resized
  • _22_-_view_2_-_res_22filename_1__22ized
  • 42%20x%2019.5%20x%2019.5%22%20-%20view%202
  • Black%20&%20gold%20diamond