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Renee Harris

My recent work reflects the challenge of battling artist blocks while welcoming deadlines for results. The desire to change direction in my work was another layer added to the journey but it strengthened my resolve to be open minded. As I allowed the familiar to mingle with the unexpected, my mind raced through the myriad of ideas that surfaced. Using new materials awakened the urgency to keep exploring as time became a blur. Creativity had accelerated the momentum.

The small series focuses on the commonality of design, concept and the desire to show varied imagery that delivers a message of moving forward. For me, the end result is a reevaluation of my passion to illustrate and the ultimate need to communicate through art.

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Renee Harris, Chestnut Bellied Hummingbird: Pollinator Series, Colored pencil on linen board, cotton thread embroidery, inclusion papers, 10.5" x 10.5", 2014

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  • Chestnut%20bellied%20hummingbird%20%20pollinator%20series
  • Wingless%20%20renee%20harris%20%20snyderman
  • Rainbow%20parrot%20fish%20%20snyderman%20%20b
  • Suspended%20%20renee%20harris%20%20snyderman%20%202014
  • Gray%20headed%20fox%20bat%20%20pollinator%20series%20%20a
  • Cloaked%20in%20flight%20%20renee%20harris%20%20snyderman%202014
  • A%20%20%20golden%20cheeked%20warbler%20%20%20rh
  • B%20%20%20cerelean%20warbler%20%20rh
  • C%20%20%20green%20catbird
  • D%20%20%20mauritis%20fody
  • E%20%20%20black%20capped%20vireo
  • F%20%20ala-shan%20redstart
  • G%20%20eastern%20meadowlark
  • H%20%20azure%20rumped%20tanager148
  • I%20%20laysan%20finch
  • 2.does%20it%20see%20me%20%20%20renee%20harris
  • 1.ancestral%20guidance%20%20renee%20%20harris
  • 3.%20thirsty%20%20renee%20harris