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Stephen Beal

I do it for the color. My canvases allow me to seek out color, to hold color, to see how color works out. When I was ten, I met a woman who was wearing a brown and purple dress. Mom, I said. Brown and purple go together! Yes, she said. I’m still making discoveries like that. I don’t read theory; I enjoy the muddling through. It was hard for me to get started on Fontleroy Plantation, the installation in this exhibit, because fidelity to the original document called for the stitching to be monochrome. Then I thought of doing the prayer flags, in color, and I had doing them to look forward to after I’d set down the misery and legalese.

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Stephen Beal, Fontleroy Plantation, 9'x 9' (full installation), Embroidery on linen, 2009

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