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Stoney Lamar

I am most interested in the exchange between my conceptual and technical vocabularies. The original development of multiple axis techniques became a way of sculpting asymmetrical forms on the lathe that led to an exploration of the power of a single line to represent gesture, attitude, and emotion. These compositions dealt both with figurative and architectural concerns that where influenced by both process and material. The addition of steel as a skeletal element to the wood forms has enhanced the narrative opportunities in the objects through the natural tensions produced between the two materials. The sandblasted and painted surfaces on the wood has become perhaps the final major addition to my sculptural palate moving the focus further away from material and emphasizing the form.

"The work of Stoney Lamar represents the body exploring its relation to the force of gravity--These sinewy forms, have an acrobat’s dynamism of balance through movement, and the dancer's joy in eccentric gesture. They take place in history yet aren't pedantic. His work amplifies the music in the wood. Each form is a suspension bridge placed on its end--connecting earth to sky. If our field is a body, this work is the spine, humanly upright, flexible yet strong."

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Stoney Lamar, Standing Forms installation shot, 2015

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