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Wendeanne Ke'aka Stitt

Modern kapa making is a long, arduous, solo endeavor. It requires infinite patience, physical endurance, mental strength and humility. It involves 3 important factors that I love: repetition, intrigue, and tradition. There are a handful of kapa makers in Hawai`i currently involved in the revival of making kapa. I strive to perfect my skill at kapa making and to share my kapa lineage with the next generation.

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Wendeanne Ke'aka Stitt, Niho Mano II: To You Ano Nuevo Great White, Hand-dyed, machine-pieced, and hand-quilted Hawaiian Kapa Cloth, , 34" x 34", 2012

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  • Niho%20mano%20ii%20-%20to%20you%20ano%20nuevo%20great%20white%20300%202012
  • Ihe%202015
  • Kanaka%20lu'u%20i%20ka%20hohonu
  • Nahi%60ena%60ena%202011%2075
  • Waipuhia%202008%2015%20x%207i
  • Stitt-nihomano-1
  • Kuamo%60o%202012%20100