A Collaboration in Clay

Pam Lethbridge and Scott Rosenthal

On view from April 3, 2015 to April 25, 2015.

Lethbridge and Rosenthal have been friends and colleagues for years, as well as admirers of each other’s work. The idea of creating independent yet connected pieces grew out of that friendship. The process begins with Rosenthal hand-building a series of ceramic structures. He then turns his architecturally inspired forms over to Lethbridge, who merges the work organically, integrating it with her own particular figurative elements. The resulting collaboration reflects their complementary interests in color, texture and story telling, but creates a unique and original narrative.

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Attic Talk

Pam Lethbridge and Scott RosenthalAttic Talk, Ceramic, 17” H x 14” W x 7” D, 2014

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  • Attic_talk
  • Attic_talk2
  • Bunnyx
  • Chair_fish
  • Geri-man2
  • Kite_guy
  • Kite_guy2
  • Fiji_mermaid
  • Lost_in_space
  • Lost_in_space2
  • Make_a_wish
  • Torpidity_chair2
  • Off_the_podium
  • Off_the_podium2
  • Tree_trunk_z_2
  • Walking