Animal Imagery

Works by Gretchen Ewert, Ron Meyers, Susan Aaron-Taylor, Renee Harris, and Bernadette Curran relating to animal and figurative elements.

On view from December 5, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

Animal Imagery brings together five talented artists in a group exhibition exploring animals and their various and complicated interactions with humans.

Ron Meyers’ work parallels the history of the American contemporary studio ceramic movement itself. He has been making and teaching the art of clay for almost 50 years. Now an Emeritus Professor at the University of Georgia, his work is in six national museum collections. He has been the recipient of many national awards, including a 2008 Regis Award for his impact on the development of 20th Century American ceramics

Gretchen Ewert has been a resident of the Taos, New Mexico area for many decades. Her work is clearly influenced by Meso-American cultural symbols, but has its own distinctive personal interpretation of meaning and beauty. Her work is in the collections of museums ranging from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Brooklyn Museum of Art to the Albuquerque Museum of Art in New Mexico.

Renee Harris, a native of Kentucky, first studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, and went on to complete her studies in painting, illustration and printmaking at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she currently lives and works. Her beautifully stitched pieces are quiet but powerful statements about the effect of climate change on the natural world, expressed through images of birds and other creatures being affected by those changes. The hand, a frequent symbol in her work, represents the role we play in controlling their fate.

Bernadette Curran, who lives and works in the Philadelphia area, has an extensive history as an invited instructor of ceramics and drawings in many parts of the United States. This is her first time exhibiting her drawings and ceramics at Snyderman-Works Galleries.

Susan Aaron-Taylor has exhibited in a number of our gallery’s International Fiber Biennials. Her mixed media objects, largely constructed of felt, are representations of story telling and myth. Like the Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales – seemingly for children, but full of gruesome circumstance - Aaron-Taylor’s work has a dangerous beauty about it.

Five artists, each with a decidedly personal interaction with the animal kingdom.

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Egret Bowl

Gretchen Ewert, Egret Bowl,  13.25"x 15"x 10", Ceramic with mixed mediums 22 ct on rim and lizard, 2013

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  • Egret-bowl
  • Winged-deer
  • Attic-antelope
  • Anubis-with-copper-pool
  • Forest-cat
  • Impala-with-malachite-trumpet
  • Water-bird-extravaganza
  • Gemsbok%20jar
  • Dinosaur-perfume-jar
  • Cycladic-figure-white
  • Cycladic-figure-stone
  • Sacred-jackal-front
  • Wolf
  • Baboon-front
  • Snow-monkey-gone-tropic-front
  • Anteater
  • Tiger_teapot_2
  • Tiger_teapot_1
  • Wapiti_pot_view2
  • Wapiti_pot_view!
  • Gray%20headed%20fox%20bat%20%20pollinator%20series%20%20a
  • Wingless%20%20renee%20harris%20%20snyderman
  • Rainbow%20parrot%20fish%20%20snyderman%20%20b
  • Suspended%20%20renee%20harris%20%20snyderman%20%202014
  • Chestnut%20bellied%20hummingbird%20%20pollinator%20series
  • Cloaked%20in%20flight%20%20renee%20harris%20%20snyderman%202014
  • Oval%20plate%20with%20bear
  • T-bowl%20with%20hog
  • Jar%20with%20rabbit
  • Yunomi%20with%20cat
  • _nef7645
  • Basket%20with%20rabbit%20and%20birds
  • Jar%20with%20frog%202
  • Yunomi%20with%20hog
  • Platter%20with%20bovine
  • Yunomi%20with%20owl
  • Covered%20jar%20with%20steer%202
  • _nef7668
  • Yunomi%20with%20steer
  • Basket%20frog%20&%20fish
  • Platter%20with%20black%20bird
  • _nef7642
  • _nef7655.jpeg
  • _nef8014.jpeg
  • T-bowl%20with%20frog
  • Oval%20plate%20with%20flounder
  • Cups%20and%20sauceers
  • Cups
  • Ruffle%20me
  • Let%20it%20rain
  • Gumdrop%20rat
  • Bison%20on%20rug
  • Dsc_0282
  • Portrait%20of%20stumpy
  • Dsc_0271
  • Loose%20goose
  • Dating%20rats
  • Tippy%20toe
  • Dirty_rat
  • Hare%20ball
  • Kneeling%20elephant
  • Bubble%20blower
  • Stop%20and%20smell%20the%20tulips
  • Mouse
  • Stork
  • Raccoon
  • Pig
  • Smallmouse
  • Mouse%20mother%20and%20child%20
  • Llama
  • Dog
  • Goose%20&%20gooslings
  • P1190333
  • P1190336
  • P1190337
  • P1190341
  • P1190342
  • P1190343
  • P1190344
  • P1190352
  • P1190353
  • P1190353
  • P1190354
  • P1190355