Becky Suss

On view from February 1, 2012 to February 15, 2012.

Wherever You Are…That’s Where You Are

Paintings and Drawings by Becky Suss
February 1-15, 2012 Artist Reception 4-6 PM Saturday, February 11

City landscapes that capture imagined escapes, and places that could be their end journey. That’s too brief to fully explain the work of Becky Suss, but it’s an intriguing clue.

Driving around Philadelphia now, one sees 54 huge billboards-the portrait work of nationally prominent photographer Zoe Strauss-­whose work is the subject of a retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Those portraits are Strauss' facial landscapes as it were, leading into the inescapable core of working people's lives.

Many years before Strauss began her important documentation of – and meditation on – street life in Philadelphia, the Mural Arts Program of the city was working with largely undocumented neighborhoods which, as with Strauss’ subjects, had strong identities.

The murals that resulted, and projects such as Lilly Yeh’s multi-decade project, Garden of the Humanities, were opportunities to speak and to dream.

So it’s fascinating that that Becky Suss has made her work a thoughtful and brilliantly executed study of some of these dream murals. They are deliberately shown in the context of their locations in North Philadelphia, Kensington, Northern Liberties, so one is not in doubt that they are windows looking out, yet still rooted firmly. They are also symbols of hope. In fact, one is located on a street named Hope.

There are 11 works in the exhibit, ranging from small framed and large unframed sumi ink drawings, to several large oils on canvas.

Suss has exhibited several of these works at Space 1026 and at Vox Populi.
Her solo exhibition initiates a new ‘pop-up’ exhibition series at Snyderman-Works Galleries, which will highlight fresh new talent in Philadelphia.

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Becky 41

Quarry (Dorset), 62" x 72", Oil on canvas, 2010

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