Concept+Materials: Philadelphia Textile Masters

Adela Akers, Yvonne Bobrowicz, Michael Olszewski, and Warren Seelig

On view from October 2, 2015 to November 29, 2015.

This exhibition grew out of conversations and articles written by Warren Seelig and others, who are creating emotional and intellectual content in their work using pioneering and innovative combinations of materials and forms.

Side-stepping the techniques and patterns with which textiles have traditionally been connected, but not losing touch with the compelling appeal of the human hand, these artists are part of a group who have led the way to a unique synthesis of concepts and materials in the field of contemporary textiles.

Snyderman-Works Galleries, internationally recognized in presenting this material, has spent the last six months selecting a small number of key works by four masters in this field: Adela Akers, Yvonne Bobrowicz, Michael Olszewski, and Warren Seelig.

In addition to their stature as artists, they also share a common heritage as graduates of the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Cranbrook, known as the cradle of American modernism, has numbered among it’s graduates iconic American artists and designers such as Ray and Charles Eames, Florence Knoll, Jack Lenor Larsen, Duane Hanson and Nick Cave.

Akers’ academic career spans 23 years as a Professor of Art and Chair of the Textile program of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art; Yvonne Bobrowicz, a studio artist for more than 70 years, whose academic studies included working under internationally celebrated textile artist Annie Albers in the 1950’s; Michael Olszewski, a distinguished Professor of Textiles at Moore College of Art and Design for 23 years before recently moving to Chicago to accept a Professorship at Columbia College; and Warren Seelig, whose work has been internationally exhibited in more than 30 major museums over the last 35 years, in addition to a variety of multi-story, site-specific installations.

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Installation Photograph, Warren Seelig, Concept+Materials: Philadelphia Textile Masters, 2015

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