Consultant Project: Two Liberty Place

Snyderman-Works Galleries is honored to be part of the iStar Financial Team. The Residences at Two Liberty Place are located at 50 South 16th St. Philadelphia, PA.

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On view from October 22, 2015 to April 30, 2017.

To download a full list of images and prices for the work at Two Liberty Place, please click HERE.

The process of selecting the 46 original works of art for this project was a nine month collaborative effort. Each piece was chosen for a specific location in the Penthouse and Skyline Units, as well as the Lounge, Conference Room and Billiards Room of the 34th Floor Amenities spaces.

Snyderman-Works Galleries and its Principals, Ruth and Rick Snyderman were able to apply their in-depth background of more than 50 years as gallerists to select work by artists in the fields of contemporary painting, photography, textiles, ceramics and mixed media sculpture.
Operating from its 1866 warehouse building at 303 Cherry Street in the historic Old City section of downtown Philadelphia, Snyderman-Works Galleries has mounted more than 500 exhibitions In New York, Miami and Chicago, as well as it’s home base of Philadelphia.

Principals Ruth and Rick Snyderman have lectured on contemporary art in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK. Our experience is in working as personal Art Consultants with clients throughout the Philadelphia region. We’d be very pleased to offer that kind of personal and tailored service to the new owners of The Residences at Two Liberty Place.

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2 Lib Building

Two Liberty Place

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  • 2%20lib%20building
  • 5401_dining
  • 5401%20warnfocus2
  • 4908_bedroom
  • 4908%20hogosyo_4
  • Hogosyo_1
  • 4908%20hogosyo_3
  • 4908_dining
  • 4908%20pre-l%2318
  • 4908_guestbedroom
  • Dusman-_triptych_encausticandoilonpanel_-60x24_300dpi
  • 4908_livingroom
  • 4908_livingroom2
  • 4908%20davies_jar
  • 4908%20magakis_titus_best
  • 4908%20gm_auguste_lamp
  • 4908_hallway
  • 4908%20sugfac3
  • 4908_smallroom
  • 4908%20richard_kagan-japanese_scissors_2004
  • 4908%20richard_kagan-corkscrew_300dpi
  • 4908%20spaid2014_2
  • 4908_bath
  • 4908%20veiled_vines
  • 5401_hallspace
  • 5401%2020120209spaid008
  • 5401_bedroom
  • 5401%20m-2_2001
  • 5401_hallway
  • 5401_hallway2
  • 5401%20keith%20ragone-sm%20crop-001
  • 5401%20ribbed_vase19
  • 4907_smallroom
  • 4907%20ronrumford_notitle
  • 5401%20no21
  • 5401%20no25
  • 5401%20no26
  • 4907_kitchen
  • 4907%20bowl%20for%20two%20fresh%20figs
  • 4907%20bermuda%20blue%20bowl
  • 4907_hall3
  • 4907_hall2
  • 4907%20untitled2
  • 4907_hall
  • 4907%20nakazato_bbowablk
  • 4907%20amano_wind
  • 4907_display
  • 4907%20vase%20in%20red%20and%20white
  • 4907%20vase%20in%20black%20and%20white
  • 4907%20%20vase%20in%20red%20and%20white2
  • 4907_dining
  • 4907_dining
  • 4907%20hogosyo_no7
  • 4907%20hogosyo_no10
  • 4907_bathroom
  • 4907%20cadence
  • Carter_rush
  • Hassinger_fltng
  • Hogosyo_gold
  • Hricko_bridgeiv
  • Stinnett_fortune
  • Wong_elgta
  • Near_pomme_de_terre
  • Neartwinbridges-madisonco-mt-1999-1