Kim Alsbrooks

Last Memories: The End of My White Trash Paintings

This will exhibition will feature the last of Kim Alsbrooks' White Trash Series.

On view from February 7, 2014 to February 28, 2014.

KIM ALSBROOKS Last Memories: The End of My White Trash Paintings

Kim Alsbrooks was raised in the South, received her Fine Arts degree from The University of Arizona, and now lives in Philadelphia.

She was born in Charleston, SC, like her homie, street artist and provocateur Shephard Fairey, and became a troublemaker of another sort with a series of miniature oil paintings - portraits on trash - which became her White Trash Family series.

This series, begun in 2004, produced over 600 paintings in the course of ten years in a style that mimics the 18th century portraits of museum collections - and mocks them at the same time. Instead of producing fine portrait paintings on ivory, these are painted with gentle irony, absolute accuracy and exquisite detail, on trash.

Street trash - mostly beverage cans flattened by passing cars and trucks - are her muse. First she prepares the surfaces by gessoing an oval form on the flattened can; then she makes a graphite sketch on the prepared section. Using classical oil and varnish portraiture techniques, she then paints over the sketch to create the finished image.

Much of the success of the work lies in the perfect marriage of the particular piece of trash to the individual portrait, the juxtaposition of which serves to challenge the perception of the social elite in today’s society.

This work has been shown internationally and in 2012 won the prestigious West Collection Prize.

This exhibit, titled Last Memories, refers to the end of the White Trash series paintings.

This exhibition will be the last of the of The White Trash Series.

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Kim Alsbrooks, Henry, Oil on pre-primed trash, 6.25" x 4", 2015

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