Personal Space

Everyone needs their personal space. 

In this exhibition, eleven artists explore familiar and intimate spaces through painting, printmaking, photography, marquetry, and works on paper.

On view from February 5, 2016 to February 26, 2016.

The space that we find most consistently present is that which we carry with us, serving as a buffer between ourselves and other spaces, people and objects. This bubble changes in size, shape, and texture depending on how we relate to what is around us. Our perception of our surroundings depends on how we view ourselves and correspondingly, we alter the locations we occupy in a similar manner. Through their individual understanding of place, the artists in this exhibit have created introspective self-portraits by considering personally important locations, interpretations of their own place in an environment, and how the memory, cultural significance, or content of a space can change its meaning.

A majority of the participants in this show are emerging artists who have been successfully expanding their careers with fresh ideas and transformative work, however we also have also included several more well-known, but just as radical artists. Six of these eleven artists are based in Philadelphia, and over half hold degrees from undergraduate or graduate programs at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of the Arts. Many of them also have teaching experience at various Philadelphia art institutions, as well as other major fine arts programs throughout the country.

Leigh Werrell, Curator

Philippa Beardsley: Statement, CV
Amanda Bush: CV
Matt Colaizzo: CV 
Virginia Fleming: Statement
Julian Kreimer:  CV, Statement
SaraNoa Mark: Bio, CV, Statement
Erin Murray: CV, Bio, Statement
Matt R. Phillips
Giordanne Salley: CVStatement 
Stuart Shils: CV, Statement, Bio
Tiffany Tate: CV, Statement, Bio

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 Philippa Beardsley  Meeting

Philippa Beardsley, Meeting, Acrylic on Panel, 23" x 29.5", 2015

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  • She's%20here
  • Suspect
  • Porthole
  • Kiss
  • Thief
  • Hot%20spot
  • Thinking%20why%20land
  • Sheet%20music%20
  • A%20garden%20is%20a%20planned%20space,%20usually%20outdoors
  • Paper%20is%20not%20a%20piano
  • 1)%20pole%20and%20wall,%20not%20far%20from%20temple%20university
  • 2)red%20wall%20and%20two%20matresses,%20north%20philly
  • 4)reflection%20at%20wayne%20junction%20station%20before%20the%20%20renovation
  • 3)%20looking%20down%20from%20museo%20dell'opera,%20siena,%20week%20of%20the%20%20campo
  • 2_erin_murray_ogdon_8x18.5
  • 1_erin_murray_ain_10x10
  • 3_erin_murray_fearful_symmetry_20x16
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  • Without%20floorboards%204-4%20s
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  • Turquoisefencehires%202
  • Desert%20tennis%20%231
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  • Secretkiss
  • Selfportraitwoodshq%20copy
  • All%20afternoons
  • Periphery
  • Coming%20upon%20sunlight
  • Chalice
  • Waking_one
  • Colaizzo_martin%20stone%20quarry
  • Colaizzo_pile
  • Colaizzo%20_mccoy%20quarry
  • Colaizzo_a_place_on_earth_construction_debris_web
  • Bush1
  • Humid
  • Is_that_yours_or_mine
  • Tomie
  • Doesthiscomeinanyothersize
  • Hmm