Song of Sixpence: Thread Stories by Ed Bing Lee

On view from December 4, 2015 to January 30, 2016.

Lee’s background is as a commercial fabric, apparel and home furnishing designer in New York and Philadelphia. Now in his 80’s, his more recent pieces have produced a unique body of narrative work that examines a range of history from pop culture to ancient Greek legends – much of it having to do with food as a metaphor for human temptation.

He works in knotted and waxed linen, a laborious process that has it’s roots in the baskets and containers of many ancient cultures, but pieces like Red Cupcake would also feel right at home with Andy Worhol’s soup cans: both are beautifully crafted commentaries on our advertising-driven fast food culture.

It seemed appropriate to jointly schedule Thread Stories, Ed Bing Lee’s solo exhibit, with Forbidden Fruit, the solo exhibit of a young, but very up and coming ceramic sculptor, John Souter. His work is less explicitly about food as it is about his remarkably mature understanding of intense and lusciousness surfaces as a way of stimulating emotion.

We also think Ed Bing Lee’s Thread Stories and John Souter’s Forbidden Fruit created a unique opportunity to present work by two master artists who use their gifted craftsmanship in related, but distinctly individual ways.

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Song Of Sixpence 2

Ed Bing Lee, Song of Sixpence II, Synthetic ribbon, linen, cotton, waxed linen and plastic, 8" x 17" x 17", 2014 

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