Textural Forms: Mi-Kyoung Lee and Will Preman

Opening reception: October 7th, 2016, from 5:30 to 8:30

On view from October 7, 2016 to November 19, 2016.

In this exhibition we have brought together two artists whose work finds life through texture and form.

On close inspection, one finds that much of Mi-Kyoung Lee’s work is created from meticulously knotted twist-ties, pipe cleaners or other everyday materials. However, when the viewer steps away from these works, they are confronted with a dynamic and ethereal formation resembling fabric fluctuating in density and shape. Lee’s fastidious process of twisting together these small wires contains a great energy that pushes to escape the dimensions of each piece.

Similarly, one may find that Will Preman’s ceramic entities seem to contain an energy; even a consciousness trapped inside. These somewhat sinister, frozen creatures resemble masks or molds, with cartoonish smiles and drooping eyes. The clay casts seem to embody the spirit that they have captured – with its golden hair or hunched shoulders – and rendered it powerless. The texture and polish of these sculptures hint at the idea of an urn or vessel occupied by phantom souls from another world.

Mi-Kyoung Lee is Program Director of the Crafts and Material Studies and Head of the Fibers Program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Will Preman recently graduated from the NYSCC MFA program at Alfred University and is now living and working in Philadelphia.

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Installation Photograph, Mi-Kyoung Lee

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