Wearable Objet d’Art: Alternatives in Polymer

Kathleen Dustin

On view from April 3, 2015 to April 25, 2015.

Kathleen Dustin is a careful observer of the complexities that animate the women around her, as well as the natural world of her daily life and the material culture of women in the Middle East, where she lived and studied for almost 10 years. Her work deals with the intimate way things touch - and are touched by women. A purse is a very personal accessory: You engage with it every time you open it to pull out your lipstick, or your phone. The same is true of jewelry, with which we entice others to make judgments about us.

Dustin, a world-class designer and scholar in the history and use of polymers in contemporary design, has created a stunning collection exploring these questions.

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Layered Fragments With Crackle Pin

Kathleen Dustin, Layered Fragments with Crackle Brooch, Colored polymer with oxidized sterling, 3.5”h x 2.5”w, 2014 

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  • Layeredfragmentswithcracklepin
  • Kdustinfragmentsnecklace
  • Kdustinfragmentsneckpiecefrontal
  • Layeredfragmentsinblack&red-large
  • Fragmentswithscar
  • Layeredgridbrooch
  • Tripleneckpiece
  • Jumblebrooch
  • Layeredfragmentspurse
  • Amasya%20handbag
  • Erzerum%20purse
  • Izmirhandbag-large
  • Konyapurse2
  • Tribalbroochwithbrush
  • Travelersbeads
  • Tribalbeadneckpiecedetail
  • Anatolianhousehandbag
  • Apple&granitehandbag
  • Leavesandseedneckpiece
  • Kathleendustinbarkspiralneckpiece
  • Pistil&stamenpins
  • Green_with_reds_gold
  • Green_with_browns
  • Blue_with_browns
  • Yellowreds_with_blues
  • Red_with_browns_
  • Yellowgreenbrown_withblues
  • Yellow_with_blue
  • Redblack_with_browns
  • Green_with_reds
  • Carveddishnecklace
  • Carveddoubledagger
  • Carvedstoneneckpiece
  • Carvedtribalpouch
  • Carvedwrapbracelets