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Gary Magakis' Opening Reception

Nationally exhibited Philadelphia designer Gary Magakis fabricates large patinated steel and bronze cabinets, floor and table lamps, sculpture and wall-mounted mirrors. Creating refreshingly original interactions of texture, color and mark-making with these materials, his work makes reference to the timeless sensibilities of Noguchi and Nakashima, and the dynamic energy of Paul Evans' bold use of metals. Snyderman-Works Galleries will exhibit new pieces of Magakis' 'Landscape Series' cabinets as part of DesignPhiladelphia.

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Rediscovered Delights covered by Side Arts

Recovered Delights: The Inventive World of Found Object Sculpture exhibition at the Snyderman-Works Galleries is such a fun and exciting representation of what can be created out of trash and found objects. I must admit, I can’t look at litter and smelly curbside trash without a slight repulsion and the desire to reach for my hand sanitizer. However, this exhibit truly changed the way that I look at trash.

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Rediscovered Delights covered by Art Blog

Collecting and thrifting have always been a part of my life: discovering a discarded treasure with a history of its own is a nostalgic and sentimental thrill. Visiting Rediscovered Delights: The Inventive world of Found Object Sculpture at the Snyderman Gallery explores what happens when this wistful impulse to collect is teamed with creative talent and vision.

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