In Material

"In Material" an exhibit curated by Dejay Duckett, Associate Director of the
Arthur Ross Gallery, brings together four contemporary artists who have
played a significant role in the sculptural and conceptual use of fiber.

Cynthia Schira, one of the legendary figures in the field, began working
with computer generated jacquard patterns more than 20 years ago,
interspersing collage elements, musical notation and textual calligraphy in
her narrative multi-level surfaces. Her signature work in the exhibit is 10'
high and 30' long.

Mi-Kyoung Lee plays with other sculptural issues: volume without mass;
color as a dance movement rather than a solid form. Reflecting those
interests, her most recent project is a commission to design sets and
costumes for an opera titled The Buffalo Soldiers, scheduled to premier in
Italy this coming summer.

Lucy Arai reinterprets ethnic paper making and fabric techniques from rural
Japan into a rich brocade of flowing wall scrolls, embroidered with imagery
formed by patterned stitches based on traditional sewing techniques.

Sonya Clark's focus is a highly personal set of images that use ordinary
combs and hair braiding as a way of narrating her history, and by
implication, the cultural history of people of color in the new world.

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