Rediscovered Delights covered by Art Blog

Art Blog's Maegan Arthurs wrote an in depth review of our found object show Rediscovered Delights. You can read the full version here. Below is an excerpt.

"Collecting and thrifting have always been a part of my life: discovering a discarded treasure with a history of its own is a nostalgic and sentimental thrill. Visiting Rediscovered Delights: The Inventive world of Found Object Sculpture at the Snyderman Gallery explores what happens when this wistful impulse to collect is teamed with creative talent and vision.

The most obvious significance of found object sculpture in contemporary art is its sustainability. Creating fine art can often mean a significant monetary investment from the artist. Using found and appropriated objects naturally diffuses the expense of materials, while also recycling the old into something new. This “something new” is what intrigues me about found and appropriated object sculpture. Rediscovered Delights is not merely a trove of antiques cobbled together; rather, these are pieces that have been carefully and lovingly curated by the artists and then synthesized into the new in the making of the work. Here the discarded is not merely repurposed but takes on a life of its own."