Rediscovered Delights covered by Side Arts

Side Art's Cassandra Hoo wrote an in depth review of our found object show Rediscovered Delights. You can read the full version here. Below is an excerpt.

Recovered Delights: The Inventive World of Found Object Sculpture exhibition at the Snyderman-Works Galleries is such a fun and exciting representation of what can be created out of trash and found objects. I must admit, I can’t look at litter and smelly curbside trash without a slight repulsion and the desire to reach for my hand sanitizer. However, this exhibit truly changed the way that I look at trash. It was really inspiring to see all of the inventive and creative things that can be done with someone else’s throwaways. I was also really impressed by each of the eighteen artists’ ability to fashion a completely realized piece of artwork out of a pile of unrelated items and materials; they are all truly amazing puzzle solvers.

When I first walked into Snyderman-Works, I felt like I had just entered a fantasy world of strange and beautiful oddities. If Santa was real, this is what I would want his toy shop to actually look like. There are several larger than life sculptures made out of a plethora of forgotten metal household odds and ends, retro looking toy cars, imaginative wall clocks, beautiful jewelry, several robotic mechanisms, and so much more.